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Refresh – Planet Gratitude

Rover landed on Planet Gratitude, time to refresh Ramadan Rover. Ramadan cultivates gratitude, purification, and self-improvement by reducing distractions and focusing on needs over wants.

Planet Gratitude

Our rover has successfully landed on Planet Gratitude. That means it’s time to REFRESH our Ramadan Rover. Ramadan helps us have an attitude of gratitude because we become more aware of our blessings. Being thankful for food and water after a day of abstinence is easy. Ramadan is about purification, ultimately bettering ourselves in mind, body and spirit to come closer to God. This is achieved by reducing time spent on distracting habits and not focusing on instant gratification. Instead, time is spent focusing on attending to ourselves and what we need, rather than what we want.



اللَّهُمَّ أَعِنَّي عَلَى ذِكْرِكَ، وَشُكْرِكَ، وَحُسْنِ عِبَادَتِكَ

O Allah, help me to remember You, to THANK You, and to perform Your worship in the best manner


لَئِن شَكَرۡتُمۡ لَأَزِيدَنَّكُمۡۖ

If you are grateful, I will surely increase you (14:7)


أَمْرْ بِٱلْمَعْرُوفْ صَدَقَةٌ

Enjoining Good is an act of Charity



The gratitude tree activity teaches children to: appreciate the small things in life, be grateful for everything they have, be mindful of the things that are going right in their lives and the people they hold closest to their hearts.

Materials Needed:

  • Colored paper to cut out leaves (double sided is nice for colorful leaves) String or ribbon to hang the leaves on the tree branches
  • Scissors
  • Twigs or tree branches
  • Rocks to add stability to the tree
  • Vase


1. Make a leaf cutout to use as your template. Trace the rest of the leaves on a bigger sheet and cut them out.
2. Punch a hole at the top of each leaf and loop a piece of string through each.
3. Put stones in a vase and stick the tree branch there.
4. Have your child draw or write about things he is grateful for on the leaves.
5. Hang the leaves from the branches.