By teaching in a fun and lively manner we help our Muslim youth to become practicing Muslims and better leaders tomorrow.

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Summer Programs

MCNA introduces STEM, Coding, Robotics, Legos, Writers Workshop, and other classes for elementary and middle school age

YMj Courses

Experience in depth Islamic knowledge in an age appropriate manner.


A Monthly free online Session for kids 8 years and above .


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About Us

Muslim Children of North America is the children’s Division of ICNA Sisters, catering to the development and instruction  of  kids 6 years to 14 years of age. Our older age group 11-14 years of age, is called YMj or Young Muslim Junior. MCNA conducts weekly, biweekly and monthly in person classes all over the United States in over 100 locations, offering Islamic learning as well as various Competitions, Outreach activities, Community services, Summer programs, Ramadan Sessions, Talent Shows, Field trips, Coding Classes, Robotics, Awards and trophies and much more.

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Mission Statement

MCNA is a pioneering national children’s organization that caters to the instruction and development of Muslim children in North America. It seeks to educate young Muslims to be the leaders of tomorrow.

MCNA brings Muslim children of all backgrounds together to learn about Islam, helping them tackle real-life concerns and offering support in living as dedicated young Muslims.

Our MCNA Family

To instill a spirit of learning and love for our Creater, His Messenger and for Islam. By teaching in a fun and lively manner, we hope to nurture our Muslim youth such that they are proud of their faith and identity, are happy to be Practicing Muslims and can face the challenges of life. 


What Parents are Saying

I would like to thank MCNA team for your commendable job for keeping our kids busy in guidance of Islam. The program is so engaging and well organized MashaAllah.

SubhanAllah AMAZING program!! May Allah reward all those behind it. Ameen! Absolutely LOVE the instructor’s enthusism .. her energy is contagious SubhanAllah. My daughter learned so much and had LOADS of fun in the process Alhumdulillah. Eagerly looking forward to the next sessions InshaAllah.

Thank you so much for making this Virtual Halaqah available! My children LOVED your Ramadan courses and are looking forward to this!