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Islamic Circle of North America Sisters was established in 1978 as a response to the growing need for a supportive Muslim Community in North America. It is a grassroots organization that caters to the needs of its diverse community for education, outreach, and social wellbeing. Since its establishment ICNA Sisters has expanded its reach across the US while maintaining an active presence in local communities.

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Youth Development

Young Muslims (YM Sisters) is a grassroots national organization that aims to seek the pleasure of Allah by empowering, educating, and developing the youth through sisterhood. It is the youth division of ICNA Sisters.


Education and development of members in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah is a key initiative. Members receive training in their preferred language English or Urdu. Education is done at both individual and group level.


We focus to build a strong and prosperous community with a sense of friendship and trust. The work focuses to educate community members about Islam and collaborate with them in community initiatives for the betterment of all.


Islam teaches to serve humanity and provide relief to the distressed. Assistance is provided to all without any discrimination on race, ethnicity, and gender. Members participate in efforts locally, across the country, and internationally.

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ICNA Sisters is one of the most active and dynamic tarbiya programs in America, and aims to cater to the spiritual and educational needs of our sisters. They offer their programs in both English and Urdu, and have regular classes online, and on-site in many cities, that emphasize the study of the Quran and teachings of Islam. They also have a branch for youth, and an outreach for non-Muslims. As someone whose family has been associated with ICNA since my own childhood, I can testify to the impact of this organization and its efficiency in helping sisters develop a closer relationship to their religion. I have no hesitation in encouraging anyone who is interested in joining ICNA sisters, or volunteering with their time and financial help, in this noble cause.

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

ICNA sisters are the backbone of the incredible work of ICNA as a whole, and that is in so many ways due to the regularity and rigor of their educational programs. I’m always so impressed by their consistency and dedication

Omar Suleiman

They recognized the potential for early character formation and religious education, which led them to develop a cohesive and purposeful educational curriculum for children ages 5-11. Similarly, Young Muslims Junior (YMj) allowed for a similar program that caters to the unique needs of ages 11-14. The sincerity, hard work, and creativity of the ICNA sisters created an enormous impact by providing a stronger foundation for those children’s futures. I personally saw these programs change the lives of children and their families in cities and towns across America. I see a bright future for this movement and pray to Allah (swt) to allow keep our sisters sincere to this cause and give them success in their goals. Ameen.

Javaid Siddiqui

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