Readers’ Voices

Apr 5, 2022 | Noor Excerpts, Readers Voice

Assalamalikum, may Allah SWT reward you for the efforts the writers and staff put in to create this magazine. I truly enjoyed reading articles like how the prophets handled tests. This article struck a deep chord in me. The difficulties the prophets faced, the obstacles they had to overcome were indeed not to remove them from the path but to strengthen them on the journey of walking on the sirat ul mustaqeem. The reminders and inspiration I derived from reading this article were very beneficial. May you all continue to produce great work.
– Shireen Husein

I thoroughly enjoyed reading some articles in this issue of Noor. They were reflective and profound. I would suggest the text to have different font usage & color for each article. It would also be nice to have a tarbiyah section dedicated to topics of personal development in an Islamic light. Looking forward to more spiritual reads. 
– Mehreen Ahsan

Mash’Allah this is a good collection of topics. I remember reading the ICNA magazine many years ago and I think the format is the same since then, which is fine because this seems to work. Here are my suggestions: Can there be bios after each author’s name? Or a page with contributing authors’ names and a short summary of their work. For example, is the poetry written by a young girl/woman? Also, I want to know who chooses the questions in the “Because You Asked” section? And how does one submit a question?
– Farheen Beg –

Editor’s response: Jazakillah khair for your suggestion! We changed our practice of adding author introductions a few years ago, but we can reconsider it, Insha Allah. Questions for “Because You Asked” are selected by the editorial team from received submissions. To send a question, please email us at