Apr 3, 2022 | Editorial, Noor Excerpts

Assalamualaikum dear readers,
COVID-19 has inflicted a collective suffering to the world and has altered our lives in ways we would never have imagined. Many of us have also felt this pain on an individual level, having suffered through the illness ourselves or seen our loved ones suffering and sometimes losing their lives. But it seems now that a return to normal is on the horizon.
Is this a time to rejoice? Perhaps. But what causes our joy and our hope? The general consensus seems to be that, since the COVID-19 vaccine is now available, the world is successfully about to “defeat” this virus. There is hope, because we have a tangible reason for hope.
But what of our belief in the Might and Power of Allah SWT? A true Muslim, one who submits completely to the will of Allah SWT, does not only place his or her hope in external factors, or tangible resources. Hope, for a Muslim, is primarily a “cultivated state of mind” (as my friend calls it) encompassing our entire life.
When we understand that nothing is possible without the permission of Allah SWT, we completely trust Him. We can let our hearts be at ease, knowing that if He wills it, our circumstances will improve, even if there is nothing that indicates improvement. And we can take precautions for our safety, knowing that our precautions as well as our faith in Allah will keep us safe as long as it is good for us. We tie our figurative camels and leave the rest up to Allah SWT.
As the beautiful month of Ramadan approaches, we have a timely opportunity to pause and reflect. What are our hopes for ourselves and for those around us? What do we hope to see for our future and how will we accomplish that? Hope is always for the future, but we must continue to live in the present. And that present should be in service of Allah SWT’s pleasure and in realizing our greatest hope, that of success in the Akhirah, the ultimate future for all believers.
In this issue, we have an array of thoughtful articles and short stories, preparing us for Ramadan, and helping us to reflect on the current times. We are also excited to announce a new regular segment on mental health, “Mindful Minutes” written by Zoha Qureshi, a Relationship and Emotional Coach. Her first article in this issue is about how our perspective can guide our life. We also have another new segment for “Brain Games”. Solve, and enjoy!
Please keep the entire Ummah in your duas this Ramadan, and onwards.